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A blend of strala yoga, pilates and natural movement, inside and outside.

We start on the ground and move to a standing position, passing through lying, seated, kneeling, crawling and sometimes squat positions. Nothing is forced or pushed and there is no music or noise.

We were born to move and this class is a remembering and reconnection back to ourselves, moving naturally and intuitively together, exploring mobility, flexibility, strength and stability.

45 mins |  £15 per session  |  Book here

Move in a way that feels good for you

The outside class

The outside class is at Setcops Farm, near Caistor, North Lincolnshire, in a private field, next to a barn with indoor facilities and a loo. We wear comfy clothes, sweatshirts and woolly hats, some like to feel the grass under their feet so they take their shoes off. We put our hands, bottoms and tummy
on the ground so I suggest clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. If you would like to bring a mat to move on that is more than ok.

45mins  |  £15 per class  |  Book here

The inside class

The indoor class is in a simple, small home studio, in Grasby, North Lincolnshire, with wooden walls, painted floor and a crate for shoes at the door. There is easy parking in a quiet village.

60 mins  |  £15 per class  |  Book here

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