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I create classes and one to one sessions that involve movement, exercise and energy.


I do it because I love moving.  I don’t want anyone to fear movement and I would like everyone to be curious about movement, exercise and energy and explore how it makes them feel.


I have a degree in Sport Studies and a thirty year career in the fitness and well being industry. I have studied Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga and Reiki and continue my studies in the Menopause, Parkinsons, hypermobility and ADHD.


The fitness and wellness industry can be overwhelming, even intimidating. I strive to create a simple, kind environment that gives people a better understanding of the movement that they can do to support themselves
through life.


I am a member of Yoga Alliance, CIMPSA and insured with Holistic Therapies.


I have always had a strong intuition to support people with my hands. Over the years Reiki has supported my own emotional and mental health therefore it felt natural to become a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a gentle hands on or off healing method that promotes relaxation and well being, I believe that it settles the feeling or energy all around us. Quantum physics teaches us that everything is made up of energy, all physical matter is energy, low or high density. Our thoughts and emotions are also made up of energy, love and joy creates high energy, hate and fear create a low energy and there are many more in between. My belief is that during Reiki the energy all around you settles, you may feel at peace and calm,  which is a lovely place to heal.

Strala Yoga

Since my teenage years, I had tried many yoga classes but the language, poses, pain, rigidity and chaos of words and culture that I did not understand or feel a connection to, kept me away. But Strala yoga felt simple and kind. In the same way as running, it flowed, released tension and it felt natural, I connected with my breath and understood the language. There was nothing to remember, it was an easy way to move my whole self, making me feel softer, stronger and calmer in my every day.


Yoga means “unite” I believe that when we slow down, listen, feel and move, we connect to ourselves, nature and the people around us. I am a 200hrs Strala Yoga Guide and will continue my training with Strala.


I studied at the Institute of Pilates in London, in the 1990s, with Michael King who studied with Alan Herdman, a third generation teacher to Joseph Pilates. I am a certified matwork, reformer, pregnancy and remedial teacher. I have continued my study at Body Control Pilates to keep up to date with research however I am not a Body Control certified Teacher. There is a gentle thread of Pilates in all my movement.

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