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Some wonderful people...

Our physical and mental health are intertwined. I talk about physical health, more specifically exercise and movement because it is my work but I am quieter about my mental health. It is something I have dealt with over the years. The list of how it has shown up is not short, it first showed its head in my teenage years. But, as I have grown older I have read, accepted and recognised the symptoms I have worked out how to create balance or time or whatever is needed. It is why I turned away from the diet and fitness culture but now exercise and move in a way that feels good, it is why I have had to really think about how I move forward in this industry in an authentic way, it is why I try hard to get the basics right (for me-sleep, water, food, fresh air, exercise and movement) it is why I crave open, quiet spaces and it is why, over the years, I have asked for help. I have realised that, since being a young girl, movement or exercise has been and is my way of helping me feel better. But at times I need an extra something. It is not a weakness or weird. It does not mean that I don’t have great friends or a wonderfully supportive family. It is simply that sometimes I need a chosen person or people around me to help me figure things out and to provide me with a toolbox that I can reach into when I feel the signs.

One of the unexpected positives about dealing with my own mental health is that it has helped me understand and empathise with others; those really close to me, my family, as well as my own clients. It has helped me get through the big, life and death stuff. So what I want to say is that sometimes exercise and movement does not solve everything and that is ok. Sometimes we need to ask for help.

If you need support, take a deep breath and step forward. There are some wonderful people and organisations, who can help.


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