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Inspired by heritage

My Grandmother wrote a poem when I was born, one line read “Let no one hurry her” Perhaps this is why I have an urge to slow down.

She was a pianist, teacher and farmers wife, who wrote a weekly column about life on a farm. My other Granny loved people and had the most comforting hug. My Great Grandfather a vicar. My Grandfather, a farmer. My Grandpa a business owner.

My Mother always told me to listen to my gut feeling, she was a Samaritan and has the loveliest listening ear. My Father has endless energy, creativity, positivity and belief that anything is possible.

Maybe this is why I do what I do. Maybe this is why a sequence of moves will suddenly appear in my head, when I watch a client walk towards me. Maybe this is why I relate each human to nature, creating roots below to ground and space above to grow. Maybe this is why I believe in the great outdoors, water, sun and food from the soil. Maybe this is why I love writing and moving closer to the ground.

Only with time have I been brave enough to trust my instinct, slow down, watch humans thrive and die, listen hard, be creative, support others, look for the kindness and believe in something bigger.

I have achieved the degree, passed some courses and read books. I have listened to the stories of hundreds of girls and women and some men. Without doubt I have learnt from every story.

Yet, I wonder if gifts and purpose come from roots that thread there way through heritage to us.

Perhaps we just have to get quiet enough and brave enough to listen and trust.


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