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Happy New Year

My thoughts

It is New Years Eve and as my head starts to think about the year ahead and how the news yesterday has, once again, taken me and probably you in a different direction, I wanted to offer you a different view.

Before you make exercise resolutions please remember that in 2021 you do not have to exercise or move in a particularly way if you don’t enjoy it. You do not have to set a fitness goal if it adds more stress to your life. If exercise is the only way to get through life it’s really interesting to dig deeper than the exercise.

However... If, to create balance, you want to exercise or move more find something that YOU really enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy exercise but want to enjoy it then keep trying new things, keep trying new things with different people, different things in different places, until you find a safe place or community that makes you feel welcome just as you are. Don’t worry what outcome the activity will lead to but keep looking around because at some point I think you will find what you are looking for.

If, to create balance, you need to exercise less remember that your body does so much for you every, single, day. Be kind to it, look after it, let it move but let it rest too. Slow down.

There is a balance with exercise and it can take a while to find.

In my work, I haven’t prioritised weight loss for over a decade, I haven’t prioritised fitness goals for years. Taking the control away from exercise can be daunting but I have found I can help by offering another view. There is a way to exercise and move where you can soften a little, slow down and achieve great things, often unexpected things.

Personally, I have no specific exercise plan, I question what I really love doing and listen in to how I feel so things change, quietly, as the years go by.

My body lets me do the things I love, with the people I love and I am grateful, so in return I have a listen to what my body really needs to feel nourished and strong.

This year, before you make a resolution question if you really need to, question the fitness industry, question the media, question social media, question this. If you ask the questions, I think you will find the right answers for you.


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