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Dear people in the fitness and movement industry,

Some of you may now realise that I do not care what a body looks like. I have many reasons why. I do care how you feel. I do care how the industry evolves and I do care that as teachers or guides we recognise that we too are human. To any other person who works in the industry can I tell you that it is absolutely ok;

to meet a client in the supermarket and have a trolley full of foods that aren’t superfoods, to tell your clients that you are not a nutritionist and recommend a nutritionist or psychologist instead, to not measure or analyse your clients because you do not believe it is the right thing for them even if they really want you to or others do, to not know why someone is in pain, to not talk, to not be able to fix someone, to not play music, to not know the reason why, to be any shape, size (height or width) to not drink alcohol on a Friday night simply because it makes you vomit (not because you are trying to be healthy) to drink alcohol on Friday night and vomit, to slump on the sofa and not have perfect posture, to simply love moving a lot in your day (you’re not weird) to love running (you’re again not weird) to not love running (you can still be a PT) to not follow a fitness program, to say no, to wear a woolly jumper at work, to discover cognitive agility, to feel sad and angry when someone at a party teases you for going home early without thinking that you have been up at 5am every morning to start a physically demanding job that requires a 14 hour day and you are simply knackered (I so wish I’d said that) to teach an exercise that was not in your teacher training manual, to go into a class without a plan, to feel really really tired and pretend you have boundless energy, to say I am tired, to step away for as many days, weeks, months or years as you want because the time away will help you see things differently, to pretend you’re turning up the resistance on your spin bike, to use more than one movement system, to be creative, to feel anxious before a client or class for no reason at all, to really really love your job 90% of the time, to not love your job everyday and to take care of you.

Love B



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