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8 things that I have learnt about exercise

Many women I have worked with experienced some sort of negativity within a sports club or during PE as they were growing up. This can stay with them for a very long time. It is ok not to love sport at school. When women find a community where they feel supported they begin to discover and trust that their body can do incredible things.

“You have to keep moving so good things continue to happen in your body” I listened to a doctor say this to my friend who was in hospital, with terminal cancer. We then walked slowly down the hospital corridor side by side, arm in arm. It was the last time we walked together. Movement is a privilege, make the most of it, every single day.

It’s interesting to view exercise as a continuous movement throughout our day where we ebb and flow rather than exercising during one specific hour.

I’ve always thought it’s a good idea and a comfort to know that in a time of need I can run a mile. Just in case I ever have to run away from a person (I agree, I shouldn't have this fear) animal (I'm scared of cows) or natural disaster (this is my head). If you want to start running go slower than you can ever possibly imagine. Run/walk 1 mile, regularly, every day, a daily ritual, just so you know you can do it.

I’ve realised it’s very useful to have a movement tool that calms me down. I know longer feel shy about listening to my body and moving in different shapes on a mat. Often this calm transfers into other areas of my life so it’s worth it.

Our mental and physical health are unbelievably intertwined. For me, moving and talking is a wonderful combination that makes the talking bit much easier.

If the billion pound fitness industry disappeared tomorrow we’d all be more than ok.

If I trust that my body can do incredibly challenging things, most of the time, it does.


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