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I am at a junction in my working life. I see a sign in front of me, with one arrow that reads Midlife. My hair is going grey, just as it should be and my body is changing just as it should be and I am accepting of it all. Last year I lost a lovely friend to cancer, I was with her physically as her body started to shut down. Maybe this helps me to be grateful for my body and the ability to move, every single day.

I always thought my career path, within this strange industry of fitness and wellness would come to a soft, natural end around now (I am 45 and have been doing a variation of what I do since I was 18) but over the last few months, when I have had more time, I have questioned this assumption and I cannot find any reason to meet this end. So I have given time to wondering why it was even on my path.

Are the majority of movement teachers, grey haired and in their late 40s or beyond? No. Maybe that’s why I thought I should stop.

Do I often see a late 40s or beyond, brand ambassador for anything exercise and movement related? No. Maybe that’s why I thought I should stop.

Have I now become the oldest rather than the youngest on training courses? Yes. Maybe that’s why I thought I should stop.

Then I realised I had just peeled away another layer of the fitness industry, another ism. It’s subtle but it is there.

So I have decided to go down a different path to the one I assumed I would take. My value and aim has always been to make women feel better and as I stand at this junction, with experience behind me, I look at this sign, with the arrow that reads Midlife and I realise that something unexpected is happening. My aim has always been to help women feel better but now I have a community of women standing next to me who make me feel better and I am so grateful.

I hope that we are never afraid to challenge the path that we are on and I hope that we are brave enough to question what we think we should become.

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