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A new balance

As the days have become weeks and the weeks are becoming months, I have tried to find a new balance to my life. With the tempo reducing for us all as a family the balance has been easier to find. I have had the time to plant herbs, put together albums of photos, water the garden, even sit in the garden and it makes me wonder if someone, somewhere is having to put her foot down rather firmly on us all to make us listen. Without question it is making me and I hope many others, look at the future with a questioning smile.

But what is balance? I read recently that balance can be described as being versus doing. Being is recognising how we feel in the moment, accepting all our feelings and understanding what will help us feel better. Doing is achieving things to give us a sense of control, being constantly active, distancing ourselves from the present moment. Whether we believe this to be true or not I find it a really interesting thought.

In current times “I am being” I have felt all my feelings, I have cried a little but laughed a lot. I know I need my own space, time and quiet every day on my mat, in the garden, in the fields, even if it is just for 10 minutes. But also “I am doing” I have run most mornings to help me feel in control of a situation that is world-wide. Yet, I am not distancing from the present moment because my life has slowed down. I am not constantly active, I have time and I have space in between.

If we apply balance to our exercise and movement, are we doing or are we being? If I relate this to my personal exercise and movement I can say I have done both. When I was training for sport, races, marathons and my work if I didn’t feel like running I would still run, if I didn’t feel like swimming I would still swim because I wanted to achieve a level of fitness that would get me through an event or my livelihood. Now, when I intuitively move, exercise or run, I can see, hear, smell, I sometimes stop, I don’t wear a watch, I sometimes walk. When I am on my mat I take a moment to question how I am feeling and then move in response to this. For me moving “to be” makes me feel so much better than moving “to do”

So during this time, whether you exercise to achieve, teach movement, stand on your mat to strengthen, run to release....I would love you to question your exercise and movement because you may have the time to do so. You may have the space in between. Ask things like how am I feeling? How do I want to feel? What movement can I do to help me feel this way? And even if it doesn’t match what the instructor on instagram is telling you to do or I have suggested you do, it’s ok. Just do it, trust yourself because if you allow yourself the time to listen, you have everything you need to know what movement will make you feel better.

Writing honestly, I wrote these words a couple of weeks ago, since then I have lost all my balance and tipped the self-care scales. As I got to grips with moving forward with my work (because who knows how long this will continue) I did not give myself the space I needed and felt a mix of every emotion possible. But I am human and it’s ok, I slowly came back to my non negotiables and it passed. I paused and reset. And it made me realise that we can never lead this perfect balanced life all the time. We ebb and flow but recognising the signs and coming back to our own personal reset button really helps.

So perhaps if we peel away the layers, if we are still and are rooted in our homes, with the earth beneath our feet, I wonder, if some of us will change how we move through life forever, if some of us will discover new reset buttons or some will contently step back into the way it was?

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