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My thoughts

It has been a strange few weeks for everyone. Personally I had been sailing along quite happily having finally created a simple, wooden space to teach in that worked for both me and you. But this all grounded rather abruptly on the sea bed and I have had to adjust the sails a few times to find the best way to move forward for us both. I had so many ideas that already existed as tiny seeds. A week before all this began Katie at and I planned to film a series of seasonal movement clips outdoors and indoors. They were going to sit in a journal called Onion. Why Onion? Something to do with being grounded, rooted, outside, the earth, our senses, peeling the layers off fitness....but social distancing put a stop to the filming. We were going to try to film last week, under social distancing, staying outside but it felt wrong. As a tiny business, I am competing with bigger businesses and social media who are offering online services for free. It’s a tricky place to be. And if I come back to my roots and values it is away from screens, outside in nature and exercising intuitively. So I decided to offer you My Moves (written programme) with an optional audio to go alongside it, a free 10 minute Monday morning audio (this week it was Tuesday evening as the amount of difficult school work in the house took over on Monday) and this blog which will appear on the 1st of every month, simply to say hello. It will include my thoughts for the month, my movement notes using pencil and paper and a note from my dear Dad which is where we will begin......

Dad is creative and was awarded an OBE because of it, he likes to think his OBE stands for “Old But Eversolovely” and he calls me Boo. Dad lives with Mum, who is also creative, she walks miles every day and cooks incredibly delicious food. Together they live in a beautiful part of the world and together they have created a magical garden. During this time he is sending me weekly emails and chatting to me about what I need to do in my garden (which has been neglected because of the speed of my life) and I would like to share his thoughts with you. It will keep his creative mind smiling, it will allow Mum a little quiet and it will help me start a project and teach me to move in a very different way to my norm. Movement does not always mean looking at a screen, going to a class or having a PT but I wonder, in this current world, that movement should start to involve our senses, our garden and our planet.

Grandpa's thoughts

Boo has asked me to act as a sort of North Yorkshire ‘overseas’ correspondent to Lincolnshire. I will be writing to her under lock-down in Beckhole, which is in Heartbeat country down the hill from Goathland. I am 76 (my birthday was yesterday) and so we are taking the coronavirus situation very seriously. Therefore I will be spending a lot of time outside in our lovely garden, doing much pottering. Boo has told me to do lots of bending, lifting, digging, stretching, and getting a bit of a sweat on but without overdoing it. I am a Gardener’s World fan, especially of Nigel and Nellie, and although I try to follow what Monty tells me to do each week, I can’t always do it all because I don’t grow veg, and I haven’t got a greenhouse. But I love my garden and all the peace and tranquillity which it provides. The outdoor freshness and beauty of it all is such a benefit, and the burbling beck which runs down the side of our garden is a big benefit for me because I have tinnitus so the sound of the running water helps me hugely, and also means that I can’t hear much of what my wife, Judy, tells me to do in the garden (most of which I don’t agree with anyway!). So I will be telling Boo what I am doing as I potter which will hopefully help you to positively and fruitfully potter also and to share with me all the goodness which that brings to me in so many positive ways. I hope that you have been enjoying days of warmth and sunshine, which have helped you to cope with the unreal world in which we all now have to live. So under the restrictions and whilst staying firmly at home, here are some simple jobs which you can be doing this month, whether you are an experienced gardener with a large well stocked garden, or whether you are inexperienced and just like to potter in a smaller patch.

  • Although the weather was lovely last week do be vigilant for late frosts and protect any vulnerable plants with fleece.

  • Here in Beckhole it hasn’t rained for many days so do remember to water, especially any tubs or troughs of tulips and crocus and hyacinths. My tulips are growing rapidly now but still need watering every third day in the full sun.

  • I have planted any faded indoor forced bulbs out in our garden for blooms next year and have deadheaded daffodils but haven’t chopped back the leaves and will let them die down naturally.

  • I have scattered some general-purpose fertiliser over flowerbeds and around roses, shrubs and hedges, and then hoed it in carefully and gently.

  • I have tidied up my borders, removing established and newly germinating weeds, and then gently hoed and mulched generously with garden compost. My mother used to say ‘If you tickle the earth with a hoe, she laughs with a harvest’.

And again on the subject of watering and sunshine…I noticed this on a gardening blog recently ‘The sun is shining – we got so excited that we wet our plants!’

Have fun in your gardens this week and above all relax and ….enjoy!

Movement Notes – a sequence of simple moves and notes for you to follow.

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