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My Thoughts

I had 2 weeks off work before all this happened. I have never had 2 weeks off work (bad timing) but I did and here are my thoughts:

  • I am a Mum but I am a daughter. My Mum listens, I cry and then we move on. I am very grateful to have her. I will hug her for so long when all this is over.

  • You don’t need a huge amount of friends, just one or two key ones. Sometimes they need you and sometimes you need them no matter what you are both going through and that is just how it works. Call them lots.

  • Being deaf and dizzy is a pain. From the outside you look fine, on the inside you are in your own spinning world. Never forget what people might be going through in their head that we don’t know about. Always be kind.

  • Grief can hit you like you’ve walked into a wall, even after 9 months, in the strangest of places and at the strangest times. But loss brings love and lots of it.

  • Being outside and moving is my non negotiable. What is yours? When you’ve found it do it every day, in the coming months, for you.

  • If your teenage daughter wants to chat at 11pm, chat, they are the best chats. If she wants to give you a facial at 10.30pm say yes. Who else would do that for you?

  • I love Vics more than Oil of Olbas.

  • Putting boundaries in life is essential for my wellness. Also saying no and switching things off.

  • Sometimes stopping helps you move forward.

  • I never fully appreciated that when you do not move in your daily life and you choose to fit one hour of gentle movement into your life once a week it is bliss. I now get it.

  • There is a huge about of kindness in the world when you look for the good people......

Now I write well into my fourth week and for the foreseeable future of not teaching face to face clients.

I miss the contact with people every day. I think of my clients who work for the NHS and how incredible they are. I worry for those who live alone who will not have contact with anyone for a while. I think we will hug long and hard when all this is over. I pray for all those children and individuals who don’t want to be at home.

My aim has always been to make you feel a bit better through movement. Now I don’t know how to make you feel I will teach in a different way. I will continue doing the thing that I do. I will try to offer support in whatever way I can to help you move your lungs and strengthen your heart so you have the energy and the space to look after and support your families, loved ones, friends and community.

I have created a weekly digital journal which will help you listen to your body, create some space in your head, step outside and inspire you to move in a way that feels good for you. This will be out very soon. It will be called Onion.

Take care my friends,

B x

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