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I have taught in many different spaces over the years; under a gazebo on Skiathos beach, in the office spaces of Microsoft, in a forest in France, in village halls, in school halls, in the bedroom of a 90 year old Royal Academy ballet dancer, in physiotherapy clinics, in fields, in private London gyms, on a beach in Sweden and in leisure centres. The list could go on. I have always been on the look-out for the perfect teaching spot. Perhaps it has all been a process.

My space is in the converted garage of our simple home, in Grasby in the Lincolnshire Wolds. There is no Scandi waiting area or offer of herbal tea but instead you walk past the table tennis table on the left and a piano that is free to a lovely home on the right. You step into a room that feels natural, and woody, I hope it feels quiet, calm and safe. Although it is not the space that I thought I would put down my teaching roots, it is a space that feels right and works so well for me. A space that allows me the flexibility to work the hours I do at the same time as putting my family at the top of the list.

My space sends out a similar message that I now send out to all my clients. Don’t stress too much about what the outside looks like. There is a balance. Look after the inside.

When I walked the dog last night and stood outside our simple, dormer bungalow home, the lights shone out from the timber door of my teaching space and a warm glow shone from the sitting room. Once again it reminded me the value of what happens on the inside.

My space hasn’t got the crisp white waiting area with glossy magazines, there is no changing room, there is a loo in the house if you’re desperate, there are no mirrors or clocks on the wall. You will feel comfortable wearing whatever you like (cords, slippers, PJ bottoms and a muddy pair of wellies have a weekly appearance) you may forget about the outside world for an hour, you will feel connected to yourself and I hope you feel a bit better when you leave.

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