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“This week was hard, hard for so many reasons, a mix of disappointing news, death, illness and regret. It all came at once, a massive, gnarly wave that I was unable to surf. So, I ran. I ran miles and miles, I talked to myself, I cried, I meditated. It rained hard, it was muddy, it was cold. But by the end of those miles I was back, back on the board and in control. Running can be your best friend who you can talk to, cry with and meditate with. If it becomes your best friend you will run for life and you’ll never look back”

This was a passage that a wrote a number of years ago now and when I read it, it takes me right back to how I was feeling at that time. And yes, I do still believe that running can be your best friend but so too can all forms of movement. It is that connection with the body which I believe can be key to so many wonderful things happening. But first make friends with your body, write it a letter like you would a friend and then have fun with it, use it as an escape, a grounding and shoulder to cry on, to laugh with and a tool to allow you to do all the wonderful things you want to do in your life.

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