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In my fluffy world of yoga pants and bare feet my day runs as follows:

I wake up at 5am, prepare a mug of organic coffee, train a client, make sugar free muffins for breakfast, send the children to school with smiles, have lovely studio with fresh flowers all ready for my 9.15am class, arrive at the office, get through a 2 litre bottle of water that’s sitting on my desk, work through my action plan, fill the fridge with green veg and no sugar, go out for a family dog walk, have a hot bath filled with calming salts, leave my phone downstairs, do 10 mins of yoga in my floral PJ bottoms and climb into bed at 10pm with a good book.

In my active world of pulled up leggings and holey Brooks my day runs as follows:

I set the alarm for 5am, press the snooze button 3 times before creeping/running downstairs two at a time, take my nightie off and put my fleece on whilst moving forward, climb out of the window, get in the car and squirt a dollop of toothpaste into my mouth, train a client, arrive back home to no milk and half- dressed children because they have damp pants as I forgot to turn the heating on before leaving the house, arrive on time to my 9.15am, look down to see my leggings inside out and the white crotch visibly showing, get in the office and drink 2 coffees on the trot, walk the dog (who rolls in fox poo), clean the dog with tomato ketchup (not homemade) fall asleep on the bed phone on my face at 10pm still with coat on having not showered all day.

This is not to say that my two worlds don’t creep into one another, they do, every day and lots of other wonderful stuff happens in between but the point is does anyone really, really live in that fluffy world 24/7? Be kind to yourself and in a world of fluffy social media please don’t compare or have heightened expectations or try to live up to anyone else. Just be you, do the best you can and in my Mum’s words “just smile”

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