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The space I offer you is not for the purpose of changing your body but for feeling, respecting and accepting your body as it is today.

Once we feel, respect and accept sometimes the negative chatter starts to get quieter.

And perhaps every female who comes into this space will pass this onto her daughter, friend, Mum, Aunt, niece….

Maybe then they will move just to feel good.

To feel glowing when they come in from a walk.

To feel empowered when they play sport.

To feel connected when they dance.

To feel energised when they swim.

To feel strong when they lift.

To feel space when they run.

To feel at peace when they do yoga.

To feel centred when they do Pilates.

To feel rather than to change.

Maybe a small movement will emerge whereby women of all ages will simply get into their body and move. Not for one sole purpose of changing it but feeling it, respecting it and accepting it.

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